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A Study of OSV Stained Glass

osv_62Artists from St. Louis, Missouri designed the stained glass windows in the Church. The original theme of the windows is of St.Vincent feeding the poor.

The stained glass windows behind the main altar were donated by the family of John Painter in 1908 and restored in 1986. The three stained glass windows were enclosed within the back wall during remodeling in the 1950s. In November 1976 the three windows were uncovered and removed from Old St. Vincent Church. They were to be used in the new St. Vincent de Paul Parish. However, they were in such bad shape that they could not be used. Fortunately they were packed in wooden crates and placed in storage. After several years the People of St. Vincent recovered the stained glass and it was transported to Unique Art Glass in St. Louis, Missouri where duplicates were made and installed in the present location in 1986.